FREE: How to install/config VPS in for running website

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Today, I will show you how to config and run your own domain with linux VPS.

What we will do in this articles ?

  1. Install FREE website control panel.
  2. Register child nameserver and point your domain to VPS
  3. Register hosting in VPS and upload website documents.

Ok let start.

1. Install FREE VestaCP Control Panel

In this articles, we will choose VestaCP as free and lightning fast website control panel. It is free and have a lot of great features.

Requirement before install VestaCP:

#    Supported Operating Systems:
#    RHEL / CentOS 5,6,7
#    Debian 6,7,8
#    Ubuntu 12.04-15.10

In this articles, we will chose Ubuntu 14.04, 32 bits.

First of all, Login to your client area at

Go to services -> choose your active service.

At the bottom of page, you will see our VPS control panel.

in VPS management Tabs, click on Control Panel button.


After that, a popup will be showed !

Chose VestaCP as control panel name.


Ok, then you confirm the installation.

Then click on reboot/restart button, VestaCP will be installed when your VPS is started !!!

Our system will install VestaCP for your VPS. It may takes upto 30 minutes to complete !!!

After 30-45 minutes, You can login to VestaCP at url:

Root password should be sent to your email address when you order VPS from


Login Page

Ok, Now you can login to VestaCP now,


Let check and try it. Very good control panel.

2. Register child name server and add domain to Vesta Control panel.

Child name server, in some registrar, they call “NS Registration” or “Register Nameserver”.

Example, in, we may see like this:


Example, you want to register &

Then put ns1 and IP address of VPS.

After that, you will have to register another name server: put ns2 and your IP address of VPS.

Ok, now you are done with name server registration,

You will have to wait for some hours.

DNS around the world need to update your name server data.

3. Add name server to your VPS as main name server when you add domain.

First, you go to DNS tabs, then click on [ADD DNS DOMAIN] button.


Then you input data with these sample data.

Your domain, VPS IP address and name servers which you have registered !!!


After that, Then next.

Now, your domain has been added to VPS and You just need to upload your document/scripts to the public html of this domain.

Enable FTP access to your domain:

Go back to Web tab, chose edit one domain then go to the bottom of page:


In this page, you can create new FTP account to access to main document.

Login ftp details:

In FTP account, just need to upload data to Public_html folder.


Then you are ready to go now.


Thank you so much for your reading !!!

Installing Plesk on Ubuntu 14.04LTS

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  1. Install Ubuntu Server 14.04
  2. Install PHP sudo apt-get install php5
  3. Remove AppArmor  sudo apt-get remove apparmor
  4. Download installer sudo wget -O
  5. plesk installer would not run under sudo so switch to su run  sudo su
  6. Run: chmod +x
  7. Run ./
  8. Follow the Script prompts
  9. Retrieve password for the admin account by running  sudo /usr/local/psa/bin/admin –show-password or you can set admin password by running sudo /usr/local/psa/bin/init_conf -u -passwd <new_password>
  10. Check if PSA service is running sudo /etc/init.d/psa status
  11. Start PSA service sudo service psa start
  12. You can log in to Plesk panel at https://<your server IP>:8443  
  13. Enjoy your web hosing

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